Empowering Communities

Our Silver Lining Schools are Independent Schools established to cater for the diverse learning needs of disenfranchised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners from the local communities. The schools deliver learning experiences that are culturally rich, age-appropriate and academically achievable while maintaining the integrity and intent of the Australian Curriculum.

Silver Lining Foundation Australia has been established to enable and empower communities to deliver positive educational and life skill outcomes for disfranchised young people in an attempt to stop the ‘school to prison pipeline.’ SLFA is committed to an Indigenous-led response regarding the growing amount of disengaged young people in regional and remote Australia.

Students are at the center of our practices, with their needs, backgrounds, perspectives, and interest reflected in the learning programs.

Our Schools network with vocational educators, health care professionals, local businesses, and community service providers, working towards establishing better options for healthy and meaningful futures.

With your assistance – we can help create jobs in remote and regional Australia and help break the cycle of young people being disempowered through a lack of education.