Traditional Lands on which we operate

Silver Lining Foundation Australia is a First Nation’s charity dedicated to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, engaging them through education and training. Established in 1999, Silver Lining has been instrumental in helping to shape the lives of many young people seeking positive futures in Queensland.

The charity is governed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and delivers programs on Traditional Lands across Queensland.

The board and members of Silver Lining Foundation Australia respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Jagera, Turrbul ,Wakka Wakka,  Nywaigi, Yiningai, Yindinji and Gunggari country and recognise the continuing connection to land, waters and community on which we operate as a charity.

The board and members of Silver Lining Foundation Australia pays their respects to Elders past, present and emerging and thank them for their guidance and contribution to our organisation

Bahun Jal Mónó – Wakka Wakka Country, Queensland, Australia

Big Crystal Creek – Nywaigi Country, Queensland, Australia


Silver Lining Foundation has forged strong relationships with the First Nations representatives to deliver charitable programs in a variety of remote and regional settings. At the very heart of Silver Lining Foundation is working on the promotion of and the continuing recognition of First Nations people continuous connection to the land, sea and water.

The Foundation seeks to form additional partnerships and alliances to increase engagement, educational programs and opportunities for First Nations people across Australia.


Social Enterprise Centre

SLFA partners with Central West Aboriginal Corporation with SLFA’s Studio.

Silver Lining Foundation Australia currently works closely with the following First Nations:

  • Mbarbaram
  • Gunggari
  • Yudinji
  • Iningai
  • Nywaigi
  • Wakka Wakka
  • Wulgurukaba
  • Jagera & Turrbul
  • Bindal
  • Manbarra
  • Bwgcolman
  • Bidjara